The following testimonials are from a number of people who have known and dealt with Ellie Harrison in different capacities - both professionally and personally. Collectively they aim to offer a diverse picture of her character and temperament:

"Ellie Harrison has made me a fitter, greener, healthier and perhaps more attractive individual. Her talent, attention to detail and work ethic is to be looked up to and applauded as much as it can be overwhelming and at times completely exasperating."

Jon Burgerman

"I began my long acquaintance with Ellie one Sunday evening in March 1979 when she efficiently appeared on schedule in Perivale maternity hospital. As a toddler, Ellie was a girl who knew her own mind and expected others to share her intentions and desires with equal commitment and equanimity. As she grew so did her talents and interests. At one point she was playing tennis for her club, performing in two plays, gracing TV screens in a children's mime show, winning local art competitions and taking swimming lessons. Some sticky moments were had at school parents' evenings where it became increasingly difficult to find a teacher who shared our fond views of our daughter. Ellie has turned all these youthful experiences and her penchant for challenging behaviour into her artistic quest and I'm still her proud and unbiased mother."

Anne Harrison
Mother of Ellie Harrison

"It’s a pleasure to have Ellie as a daughter. However, she can be exasperating at times. She is a great help to ageing parents and devoted to all members of her family. Work-wise, she is infinitely careful and attentive to detail. She puts in maximum effort on everything she does. She has great flair and has come up with some really exciting and interesting ideas for art works from her school days onwards. I remember particularly the presentation of her Eat 22 video at the 291 Gallery in 2002 when together we made detailed celebration cakes for all guests."

Bernard Harrison
Father of Ellie Harrison

"A long time ago now, Ellie Harrison was a student representative on the interview panel for my degree course at Nottingham Trent University. I got in which was a great start, but what amazed me the most is that Ellie recognised me months later as I wondered round the fresher's fair in a fresher's hang-over daze. Wow, 'she has a good memory' I thought, although I later learned that I could have been logged and analysed from that first encounter along with all the incredible data that is efficiently filed away her notebooks, brain and studio-cum-office. When working at Angel Row Gallery, the tables were turned and I selected to commission Ellie's ambitious 'Day-to-Day Data' show which soon developed into a major book and website (mainly due to her determination!). Perhaps the more organised you are, the more ambitious you can be but I don't actually think that anyone can beat Ellie on her speed, thoroughness and proficiency - I'm convinced she's half human, half data crunching machine!"

Helen Jones
Exhibitions Curator at The New Art Gallery Walsall

"I have no idea what it’s like to work with Ellie Harrison because, on the occasion that I did undertake a project, ‘The Hen Weekend’, at her bidding, we were swamped by two dozen other ‘Hens’. As far as I can tell, to work with Ellie requires patience and lots of time to get from one building to another, simply because of the gaggle of followers, colleagues, hangers on and pressganged souls that invariably straggle around her. On the plus side, this does mean that Ellie is well disposed to being pressganged, hanging on and generally mingling and mucking in herself."

Sally O'Reilly
Writer and editor of Implicasphere

"I first became aware of the opportunity to work with Ellie Harrison whilst studying at University, but I wasn’t sure it was for me. Early on I knew her as our ‘year rep’ - a role that I assume she eagerly volunteered for - demonstrating a personality keen to speak out on behalf of others, and one with a clear penchant for organisation. Before graduation I took my first shot at working with Ellie, on the degree show committee, an experience that highlighted shared concerns with structure and control. The flipside was that for the first time I witnessed the horror of an angry Ellie, hammer in hand and marching down the street towards me. Was this a momentary lapse, an unfortunate side effect or a glimpse below the veneer of order? Despite these doubts, I have continued to work with Ellie right up until the present day - developing a variety of projects ranging from artistic collaborations and collaborative writing, to event organisation and curation. Time and again Ellie delivers with a perfectionist desire and stubborn determination, ensuring that decisions once taken are carried through. Occasionally I hear talk about the dark side of working with Ellie Harrison, sometimes I still see the hammer, but now I’ve started I’m not sure I can stop."

Niki Russell
Artist and member of Reactor

"I've known Ellie for a while, but the last 12 months have provided more opportunities to work closely with her on various projects. She is a fantastically supportive and dedicated individual whose rigorous attention to detail is both inspiring and exasperating at times - but on both counts unfaltering. I once told her that she is so bossy that she would make a good curator, which I think she was a little offended by, but I meant as a great complement. Ellie was a brilliant person to have around when I directed a workshop about public art for the Big Track transport network. She followed my directives to the letter and I was very impressed with her impromptu public speaking abilities. However, a subsequent attempt to write a quiz together for Hinterland's Reading Room project, ended in fits of giggles, rambling random anecdotes and hilarity with vegan sausages. We wrote two questions in about four hours. I later wrote the quiz on my own, which Ellie of course won."

Jennie Syson
Curator of Hinterland