Welcome to the Work With Me website, launched in 2008 as part of the international campaign to help find a long-term collaborative partner for British artist Ellie Harrison.

Ellie is renowned for her labour intensive projects, such as Eat 22 and Gold Card Adventures, in which she monitors and collects large quantities of data about her everyday routine. The working methods she has employed tend to be introspective and solitary. Over the last year, Ellie has been consciously attempting to take a more social and discursive approach to art making, and this search of a long-term collaborative partner is an integral part of this process.

As well as someone with whom she shares beliefs about what art should be and what it should aim to achieve, Ellie is also looking for a partner who shares a similar outlook on life in terms of ambitions, work ethic, political views, hobbies, interests and obsessions. On this website you will find all the necessary information about Ellie’s artistic motivations and influences as well as her habits and obsessions to help you decide whether you’re right for the job.

After reviewing all the information and reading through the testimonials, please feel free to apply and arrange an initial meeting with Ellie.