As well as inspiring and motivating each other to make better and more engaging artworks, Ellie hopes that she and her collaborator will also be good friends. They should have enough in common in terms of political views, interests and hobbies that they will enjoy spending time together outside of their work commitments.

Ellie swims regularly to keep fit, but is also keen to take part in more collaborative or social sports and activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, tennis or football. A shared interest in any of the above would be ideal, as engaging in these activities together will help build team spirit for the new collaboration as well as keeping both artists fit and healthy. In addition to the strict work schedule, Ellie would like to programme some of these physical activities into the new working week.

Ellie is also a dedicated vegetarian. She has often stated that she can only have real respect for other human beings if they are also vegetarian and, even more so, if they are vegan. Potential applicants should consider this before completing the form.